Guidelines for the Unofficial Warmoth Discussion Board

The Aaron

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Hello and welcome to the Unofficial Warmoth Discussion Board! Please read our Guidelines carefully. They explain the policies and rules related to the use of Unofficial Warmoth.

This board exists to provide a place where Warmoth enthusiasts can share useful information about things related to guitar building and guitar parts. This is not an official Warmoth customer support forum. The ideas and information presented here are neither approved nor endorsed by Warmoth, and Warmoth shall provide no remedy for damages that may result from information posted here. If you need product or order support, you must contact Warmoth directly. 

You may note the rules are neither extensive nor highly detailed. They are written simply, and a person of average intelligence should be able to understand their spirit and intent. Members who like to push boundaries are encouraged to go elsewhere.

* Guitars & Music.

* Fun topics that aren't contentious

* Contentious topics.
These include religion, politics, guns, abortion, special interests, and the like. Attempts to “trojan horse” these topics into conversation by somehow relating them to music will be deleted.

* Counterfeiting. Do not post content that facilitates counterfeiting. This includes links to other sites. For example, posting instructions on how to affix Fender decals to non-Fender guitars is forbidden. It does not matter whether it is being done for profit or personal use.

* Spam

* Negativity: Don’t be a jerk. Members that habitually post negative comments or foster arguments may be banned from posting without warning.

* Profanity: This board is open to all ages so it is necessary to keep that in mind while posting. Failure to exercise such restraint will result in banning without warning. 

* Pornography: This forum is open to both males and females, of all ages. Please refrain from posting content that would make others feel uncomfortable. If you are unsure about whether an image, video, or comment crosses the line, don't post it.

One user account per board member.
If you own, operate, or are employed by a music-related business, you must disclose your affiliation in your signature.

If you are offering guitar-related products or services for sale, please post in the 'Gear for Sale or Trade' area. Ads placed in other forums will be deleted. All transaction are between private parties, and Unofficial Warmoth assumes no responsibility, and will provide no remedy, for any transaction made between members of the site. In other words, if you are buying or selling here, you are on your own. Exercise due diligence, and take whatever steps are necessary to protect yourself from fraud. 

By using this site you agree that the site admins may close your account and/or prevent you from using the site for violating these Guidelines, or for any other reason, at any time, in board’s sole discretion, without prior notice to you and without any liability to you for such termination. If you are dissatisfied with the site or the content available on or through the site, or with any of these Guidelines, your only remedy is to discontinue using the site.

Board administration may change, add or remove any part of these guidelines, or any other guidelines associated with the use of the board, at any time, by posting a notice of such changes to the PLEASE READ section of the site. Any changes shall become part of the Guidelines and shall apply as soon as such notice is posted. By continuing to use the site after the notice is posted, you are indicating your acceptance of those changes. 

Thank you for taking the time to read this and we hope you find this forum helpful and informative!