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I am finishing up on my new warmoth strat. I thought I had the wiring thing covered, but I guess I was wrong. I am still getting a buzz that goes away when I touch the bridge. Bad ground, right? I'm not sure what is wrong.
I have the cavity and pick guard covered with copper. I soldered the joints in the foil and left about 1/8" on top so that the pick guard comes in conact with the body copper. I sanded down the volume and tone pots to get a good contact. I have Fender SCN pickups and a 5 way switch. I followed the Jeff Beck upgrade wiring diagram and the one that came with them.. I have a wire from the volume pot to the spring claw and one to the body copper (soldered).
I have read about grounding loops, but I don't think I have any. I did not use a screw for the wire to the body. Is that the problem? Also, I am using car speaker wire for my jack.
Thanks for any help!
I will post a picture in the other section when I get a chance.
Does you amp have a three prong electrical cord? Does the outlet your plugged into have three prongs also or are you using a three prong to two prong adapter on the cord? These may effect the grounding situation. It sounds like you have covered everything in the guitar. Sometimes it is just not possible to get rid of the buzz entirely. Is it significant or small?

:sign13:Oh, just because your outlet has three prongs does not mean it has a ground. Some older homes have updated plugs but not wiring.
is your bridge grounded?

if you use a multimeter, do you get a circuit when you have one prong on the cavity shielding and the other on your bridge?

you could also have the wires on your jack reversed ... or a small strand on one of your wires is accidentally long enough to be touching ground - you'll most likely need a magnifying glass to check this possibility

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dispite the cav. screen you need to supply a good earth i.e a brass screw with a wire from the volume pot to proprerly complete the circuit ,and use screened cable through out...if you have done this you might have a dodgy or over heated pot that will need replacing.....also check for no shorts to your screening foil.
I think I have the problem solved. I replaced the jack wire with a shielded wire. The amp I was using was a marshall practice amp. Good point about the house being grounded. Mine was built in '65 and I think it could be a problem. After I changed the wire, I hooked up to my regular setup (GNX4>Tech 21 power engine).
I don't have any noise now. The pick ups aren't too bad. I can understand some folk say they don't stack up to original single coils, but I have been playing humbuckers for the last 20+ years and they sound good to me.
Thanks for the help!
Hey TT  are you an electrician?

I wanna continue this grounding issue with another question.

Has anyone tried this so called spray can copper shield stuff, you supposedly just spray it in your controll cavities and it has copper in it to create a totally shielded cavity, I'm sure you gotta put a wire in there to prior to spraying, for later hookup.

Any info would be great. Plus where to get it.



You're referring to something different than the StewMac brush on shielding paint?

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Good guess Alfang. I am an electrical tech.
When using any kind of sheilding paint, after painting you would use a short wood screw with a wide flat head and screw it through the shielding into the wood. Put a wire with a ring terminal under the screw and it will make a good connection. if you spray a poly or other finish on the guitar after your shielding, you will need to remove a small amount of poly to ensure the ring terminal is making a connection to the shielding.

I have never tried the copper spray. Sounds messy.

TT - I am A licensed General Journeyman wireman, attempting to get my supervisors license (taking a class now, test in a couple months )
I am not sure about the copper spray or paint, whatever it is, but what is the conductive component in the shielding paint?  I just assumed copper.

Skuttle, I didnt see it on stew mac, I will look again, but thats probably exactly what i want.  TY

Here's what I just ordered for my project...,_pickups/Supplies:_Shielding/Conductive_Shielding_Paint.html

The above paint contains...

Graphite 7782-42-5
Carbon black 133-86-4
2-Butoxyethanol 111-76-2