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Hello, all.

Just sending a greeting out to everyone on the boards.  I am new to the forums, and the warmoth site in particular.  I just wanted to say that Warmoth has given me many new dreams, and I look forward to placing my first order  (once I get some funds together :icon_biggrin:).  I also look forward to all the great insights I've read on the forums thus far, and the great insights I'm sure to read in the future to help me with my first building experience.  I have a feeling that I'll never buy a production guitar again  :icon_biggrin:

So once again, greetings from Canada!  Can't wait to start seeing some of my dreams come true :p

Rich here from halfway between Houston and Galveston, welcome to the best damn forum on the internet.

And, Forza Gilles!!!

Haha!  Thanks guys!

I'm lookin to keep it fairly simple for my first build, then hopefully build experience for future builds, maybe make something more complicated down the road...

I'll post my "simple" idea later on, and see what you guys think  :headbang1:
Another welcome from Australia, xplorer...

Have a great Christmas.

Pete :eek:ccasion14: