Green Swamp Ash Strat


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So here is my recently completed strat build. Super happy with the result, though because it's me and Warmoth, I always have some level of drama. But I got it sorted and it's all good now.


Transparent green over swamp ash. Satin finish. I didn't ask for anything special and Warmoth hooked me up as usual.

Neck is roasted maple with basic rosewood fingerboard. It's got some nice grain happening. I'm not super into wood, but I think it looks great. I went with the big CBS headstock and fatback profiles. Because it's roasted I opted to leave it unfinished. I already had a Warmoth roasted neck and loved it, so this is now my go to option for necks.

Got the Schaller's from Warmoth.

Bridge is Callaham.

Pickups are a Duncan Phat Cats. Decided on a cream colored pickguard, though I did think it looked cool with the pearl. (See the thread in builds in progress). I also bought a gold glitter one but haven't gotten it yet. Maybe I'll do another strat with it instead. I already have an idea for that.

I was very pleased with the condition of the nut and frets. The nut is very close to being dialed in so it needs minimal filing. I haven't really played the guitar much yet but so far the frets seem really good so I don't think it needs a leveling or anything. I was able to get it pretty dialed in to my liking pretty quickly which surprised me.

Oh and it weighs 8 lbs 13oz.

While I was waiting for the parts to arrive from Warmoth, I put this together. It's genuine Fender parts but I got a Callaham bridge and pickguard from Fralin with a steel pole set. Also Fender locking tuners. Really happy with how it turned out. I intended to build it for my son but I don't think it's his style.


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Both guitars look nice, but the green swamp ash is obviously more unique. I’m surprised on the weight of the green one. What’s Burst/Strat weigh in at?