Graph Tech Ratio Locking Tuners how to install?

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did anyone installed Graph Tech locking Tuners on a Warmoth Stratocaster replacement neck and can give some advice how to install them?

I bought these 6-in-Line Graph Tech Ratio locking tuners:

The Graph Tech Tuners got 2 very short pins (not as long as the Fender locking tuners) and come with so called Invisiomatch plates to fit existing holes of tunes that are replaced. But how to install these tuners on a "new" Warmoth headstock?

On Graph Tech Website I found these Invisiomatch Plates for Fender. But they're not supplied in the 6-in-Line Package:

The 6-in-Line Package comes only with these plates:

Why the plates for fender are missing in the 6-in-Line package? Are the Tuners supposed to be installed without plates even if its pins are so short?

Can somebody help?

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The plates are for retrofitting to an existing installation. Or they can be used without a plate which is what you need to do.

For a fresh installation you need to follow the alternate method per Graphtechs installation guide. All on the web page you posted.

Or this video from around 1:17 though as you don't have the two pin fender plates you will need another way to mark them. (If someone is retrofitting a Fender two pin they don't need a plate as they fit those holes.)

Jig for tuner holes

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Thank you Stratamania, that was very helpfull.

I wasn't sure if the wood of the headstock would be able to hold the Graph Tech tuner pins in place, which are only 1/16" in diameter and short as 1/8".

The holes have to be drilled on two different necks with indian rosewood and a roasted maple headstock. I suppose the roasted maple headstock must be handled with particular care because its wood is so brittle.

Is it really recommend to use an electric driller for drilling holes that a only 1/8" deep? Is there a better tool for drilling these tiny holes by hand?
If you have a concern you could also use a hand drill though a small power drill if you are confident in its use.

The holes don't hold the tuners in place the nuts from the front of the headstock to the posts do. The little holes are more for alignment and positioning.
I know this is super late, but I just stumbled onto this post …

i highly recommend the jig that @stratamania recommended. I’ve installed 2 sets of Graph Techs and Fenders (w/the locating pins), and this jig worked great every time.

here’s the process on an all-rosewood neck:

the graph tech and fender pins are different distances from the tuner holes, and this jig fits both. It seems like it also fits the one-hole tuners too.