Gotoh TOM vs Tones Pro TOM


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Is there any real differance between these two, or am I a sucker (I got the Tones Pro). Since this build was for my dad and was already so expensive I didn't want to cheese out when it came to the hardware. Now that everything is bought and the bills tallied I was just wondering what you guys thought of this paticular piece.  The differance in price was about $40 not a lot when you are talking about a 2k build but huge if all you need is a nice bridge that will do the job.

I replaced the stock TOM on my Gibson SG with a Tone-Pros.  The main reason that I did it was because I tended to mess up my set up when taking all the strings off for thorough body and fretboard cleaning.  Since I do this fairly regularly, I was getting pissed that every time I did, I would inevitably turn the little thumb screws on the bridge peices and then have to adjust it all again when  I put the strings back on.  Since the Tone-Pros locks in place I can't do much damage when all the strings are off.  This to me was worth the extra cost alone, but I also think that this bridge signifigantly added to the tone and sustain of the SG.  A lot of folks will argue that the bridge can't possibly have that much of an effect on your tone, but I hears what I hears, and the Gibby sounds better with the Tone-Pros.  Just one man's opinion!
Good to know...I have a 74 SG that I just took in and had a extensive overhaul on; truss, intonation, and frets releveled and it plays incredible now. One of the things I had asked the tech about was exactly what you describe because the post ave very loose. since the service I have been changing one string at a time. I was considering going with a locking type TOM but didn't know if all of the posts were a direct fit. Can you confirm this, as this guitar is a one owner guitar (my dad bought it in 74) and is completley original so I won't be drilling on it anytime soon.

If the tone pro was so much better, you'd be able to unlock it and hear the difference - as, its a gotoh in sheeps clothing
Like I said, the sound factor is debateable, and I'm not going to defend my position on that too much.  The main reason I wanted the Tone-Pros was so it would fall off when the strings were off.  It does that quite nicely. As far as it fitting your SG, just do a little research,  I know they have at least two models for Gibson retro-fits.  There is one for smaller posts and one for larger, but they should definitely have one that fits.
CB's right, as usual - The Tone Pros bridge I used on my first Warmoth build was a Gotoh bridge. Besides that one, I also put a Tone Pros wraparound on my PRS Singlecut. I found it does a lot for sustain, and both bridges increased top end on the guitars as well, which is something to consider if you're thinking of going with one of these.
I think the locking TonePros bridge is over-priced but I do like it better.  I first tried the TonePros bridge when I was changing the hardware on a Les Paul from chrome to gold.  I figured I'd upgrade to the locking system while I was at it.

Although I do think it is over-priced, I got another one for my Warmoth build.  It's just a nice finishing touch that makes the instrument a little bit nicer.  I put it on a par with replacing cheap flimsy door knobs with strong high quality knobs.  It's just a little thing that makes the whole house seem a teeny bit better.  The TonePros just feels a little bit more high quality under your palm.  Makes the whole guitar seem better.  Whether or not it helps sustain, I don't know.  If people can hear the difference between bolt necks and set necks, I guess the TonePros can make a difference. (?)  But it does hold your setup.