gotoh side-adjust mechanism


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hey folks, any thoughts/experience/problems about this thing?  Does it work?  I'm about to get my first W neck, so curious about this...
Personally - I dont care for it, which is why I went back to total vintage construction.

Yes, fewer options.  More traditional.  I don't like that side adjust.  I don't like the extended fretboards.

But thats just me.  I'm out of the mainstream it seems.
Yes, it's fantastic.

I live up in New England and between the hot humid summers and the bone dry winters I'm adjusting the truss rod way more often than I'd like to...  the side mechanism is a real blessing for me.  No messing around with cover plates + easy access.  No complaints here.  Except that I wish I didn't have to use it quite so often. 

I'd rather have the headstock adjustable one... like on Warmoth vintage/modern.  Just those overhung boards are a pain when you are trying to remove a pickguard (for say... adjustments to the circuit).
I have it on one neck. It's wenge/ebony boatneck 1 3/4" at the nut. It's a big piece of wood that don't give a fudge about string tension or humidity. It doesn't move.

(I haven't adjusted it once, so I guess I don't know. I'll shut up.)
I only have it on one neck, in theory it's fine by me - but Warmoth necks don't wiggle around anyway. I kind of wish you could get a modern neck without one, or at the very least Warmoth should supply a maple dowel of the right size to plug the little black hole, cause it sure is ugly.

P.S. (Why does the spellchecker on the Warmoth site flag the word "Warmoth"?)
P.S. (Why does the spellchecker on the Warmoth site flag the word "Warmoth"?)

FWIW - You can "add" it to the dictionary.
I like mine for what it's worth (side adjust, not the spellchecker). Only had to adjust it once, it worked fine. Already ordered another one!
I'm just stunned that someone finally used the spellchecker!!!

I like my side adjust very well.  Very conveniently located.  Hey, I just thought of a new band name:

Gotoh Hell      :)
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