gotoh hardtail + vintage strat hardtail route = ?


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I would like one of these bridges (,_tailpieces/Electric_guitar,_non-trem_bridges/1/Gotoh_Hardtail_Bridge/Pictures.html#details ) on a warmoth strat from the showcase, but most of the hardtail strats on the showcase are routed for vintage strat hardtail. Have any of you successfully done a mod on such a body to accomodate the gotoh hardtail bridge? Are any mod's necessary?
never done this but I know the location of the screw holes is different from the ones that warmoth does. 3 screws in between the saddles as opposed to that other bridge with 4 screws in the corners of the bridge. you wont see the other holes once the bride is in place but you will have to drill them yourself unless warmoth drills for this bridge now.

Do you know if the holes that the strings go through will line up correctly? Comparing diagrams of each bridge I wasn't sure if the gotoh would end up in the right place, which may cause intonation issues.
is the body routed for the narrow spaced bridge? this one has wider string though holes that would probably work for your build.

ok, just checked some of the string spacing dimensions and it doesn't look like things will work out... so back to the drawing board...

New Idea, if I order a body with only the string through holes, will those line up with the gotoh correctly? warmoth does not give the dimensions of the string spacing for this route.
space between the strings on the narrow spaced flat mount is 10.8 mm. standard vintage flat mount 11.4 mm and that bridge from Stewmac is 10.5 mm.  As far as I can tell, the location of the holes relative to the neck is the same on all of them because nobody gives this spec...could be a standard. I would have Warmoth drill for the narrow spaced bridge and ream the holes larger if needed. The screw holes could be located after you find where to place the bridge based on the string holes lining up.

I just did what Brian said on a recent guitar.

Few things:

-  It's absolutely RIDICULOUS that Warmoth doesn't offer this bridge as an option. It's the best flatmount bridge I've ever used. Price is right, construction is top notch, and tone is perfect. COME ON WARMOTH!!!!! OFFER A BRIDGE ROUT FOR THE GOTOH HARDTAIL!!!!!!  :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin: :icon_biggrin:

- For the Gotoh bridge,YES, the string thru holes are in the right spot, scale-length and intonation wise.

- Yes, I had to ream the holes.  The center ones lined up perfectly, but the A and B, and E and low E strings didnt. I used a rat tail file to widen the holes ever so slightly. Go slow, check often, make sure you don't drop the file, slip, or crack the poly.

- Having a translucent finish, where you can see the center seam of the wood, helps tremendously when drilling the new 5 holes for the Gotoh bridge. I started with the rear, CENTER hole. Got that perfectly lined up with the center seam, gently tightened the screw, strung up the guitar, then drilled the rest of the other 4 screws for the gotoh hardtail.

- To find the right spot for the rear center screw: Take the bridge, turn upside down. Measure from the CENTER of the string thru holes, to the CENTER of the rear center mounting hole. Take measurement, then on your guitar, measure and mark very carefully with an awl. 

- Remember: Measure twice, drill once.

Check out  my thread:

Alternatively, Callaham makes a really nice beautiful flatmount strat bridge that fits right onto the standard warmoth rout. Great quality. String spacing is pretty wide, which is good or bad depending.
rockskate4x said:
all of the callahams I've seen have vintage style saddles, which is why I want the gotoh.

Yeah, I'm not a fan of the vintage style saddles. I'm sure they sound more vintage, but if you do any amount of heavy palm muting, the gotoh will work better. in my opinion...