Gotoh GE1996T Floyd question?


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I'm ordering a soloist body with a non recessed Floyd route. (I want to install a Gotoh GE1996T) I understand Warmoth doesn't drill the larger holes for the Gotoh bushings so I have to use Floyd Rose bushings and posts.

To my question:
I read some people saying the Gotoh wasn't meant to be mounted non-recessed with no explanation why.
Will I have any issues installing the Gotoh 1996T non-recessed with a 40mm block?
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You could mount it with Floyd Rose bushings and posts. Recessed or non-recessed that is just a preference.

If you have non recessed the body will need to have the angled pocket.

You would probably be better with the 36mm Gotoh block, the 40mm may be a little long in the body. Alternatively if you want to upgrade to a brass block in 37mm here is a link.

You could also consider a Floyd Rose, or a good option is also the Schaller Lockmeister which now offers different radii for the nut and the bridge.
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Thanks for your reply. (I think I'll get the Schaller Lockmeister)
If I just go with a recessed mount in a soloist body, will the 37mm block fit?
One other question, do I need to order the shorter trem saddle bolts for my OFR recessed mount? Some people say the Gotoh ones are a little longer than the rout for the floyd.
If you are asking about the Lockmeister then you should be fine with the bolts.

Shorter bolts are needed for a Lockmeister to fit in the Warmoth "Schaller Floyd Rose Recessed rout" which is for the Schaller Floyd Rose type bridge which Schaller calls the Schaller Tremolo and has a smaller footprint.

If you use a Lockmeister use the OFR recessed rout and no problem with bolts. The Lockmeister is dimensionally the same as an OFR.
Im wondering about the Gotoh Ge1996 needing the shorter lock bolts to fit in recessed OFR mount.

The Gotoh Floyd just seems better and I can get a good deal on one.

What seems better about it?

I have not heard from anyone via this forum having to use different lock bolts to put a Gotoh Ge1996 in a Warmoth OFR rout. You would need to use the Floyd/Schaller studs and posts to mount it. You may have to do a little sanding adjustment for some clearance in the odd spot and you will probably also need a Floyd/Schaller lock nut for a Warmoth neck.

For everything else, check the dimensions on the different manufacturers' websites.