Golden Boy


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Here's some baby pics...the CNC machine doing it's magic, the chambered body before it gets it's top and final shaping, and the naked finished body.


I didn't get any "out of the box" I'll jump to a tour of the finished guitar...






Man the more I see that neck, the more I wanna try a scallop.  Awesome figuring too, and the gold top really sets everything off.  SA-WEET!  :eek:ccasion14:
that is the stuff dude! thanks for the pics. Havnt got to see too many gold-top gold guitars here except one from Tonar and one that Jackthehack is working on....I love the gold harwear too.... :headbang:

I love my scalloped neck. I wish they came short-scale, 7-string etc. - there's not much point in having two alike, I don't think, but everybody needs one.
Wow, that's a sexy Bitch, (pardon my canine)

What tuners , Bridge, and whered you find gold pup bezels, 

Damn I'd be afraid to play it, it looks Too good, can I have it when you done?
Arf arf, for those of you who don't understand (everyone but alfang)
I said: nice guitar.

he got the rings from warmoth
Yes, all the parts came from Warmoth, except the tuners and the gold mini-switch.

From top to bottom, it's Sperzel locking tuners, graphite nut, full-scallop 5A birdseye maple fretboard / neck with gold fretwire and cream face dots, finished in vintage tint gloss, gold Schaller straplocks, Strat style body...extra-light hollow mahogany with flame maple top and contoured heel, finished in gold top gold, Seymour pups with gold bezels; SH1,SH1, TB14 (changed from a TB5), 5-way switch, 3 push-push pots (for coil split), gold round-top knobs,  Gotoh-Wilkinson trem,  a gold mini-switch to run the neck pup "hot" for the benifit of having bridge/neck on, or all three on, cream cover plates, gold neck plate.

The painted body weighs 2.4 pounds. The total weight of the guitar is 6.8 pounds.

It's got a beautiful, open and bright tone that makes all my other guitars (Steinberger, Ibanez, and solid-body Warmoths) sound just a little muddy.
It walks the line from fairly stock sounding Start tones to Les Paul style beef. Great rhythm and lead machine.
It's turned out to be my favorite guitar in memory, passing my previous favorite by a considerable margin.
I'd recommend the hollow option to anyone.
I'd suggest the scalloped option to anyone that likes a very low action and a light touch.
i think you have made a perfectly matched guitar

great job!

im not a big fan of gold hardware and parts but DANG thats pretty!
I'm not really into strats, but I have to say: this is sweet! the neck matches up great, and the cream dots are imo VERY cool! it 'looks' like a clear neck, but in fact there are dots, but they just blend in.

This is one cool axe :)  :kewlpics: :rock-on:
To me this axe looks like something out of a a James Bond flick.  How so?  Remember Goldfinger and the babe covered in gold?  Or the hand gun in Man with the Golden Gun.  They should call the next bond film Man with the Golden Axe. Seriously though, Great Axe, Man  :icon_thumright:  My Compliments. 
To me this axe looks like something out of a James Bond flick.

I was thinking the exact same thing, this would be a perfect guitar to play the James Bond theme, Secret Agent Man, I'll bet it's tubular on surf tunes too. It's got some real 60's pre-psychedelic vibe for some reason.
Ah shucks, thanks youz guys.  :eek:ccasion14:

I actually built it with something else in mind; a "shred to shimmering clean" versatility axe, but now I have to revisit "secret agent man" and a few other early 60's drama theme/surf sound classics.  :guitarplayer2:
It's the gold pickup covers that just perfect it.  Solid theme on a very cool looking guitar.  Enjoy it.

Congratulations you now have the sweetest Warmoth I've seen in a long time. Reminds me of C-3PO