gold hardware


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Has anyone ever had any trouble with gold hardware matching?  i was planning on using gold metal pickup rings on my build and bartolini gold covered pickups, but i didn't want the golds to clash and if they do i want to just order black covered bartolinis.  thanks guys.
I have no experience with that brand of PUs, but generally speaking it's hard to match items like that EXACTLY and near impossible to judge from pictures on the internet. The mounting rings are relatively cheap, I've bought extra sets and had to use them before in a case like this one with gold Rio Grande TX/BBQ set. Although the gold match close enough to work; the build looked better with black rings:

If you order the black PUs; no issue. Your build will stand out from the pack if you pay attention to the smaller details; for instance on that build I alternated gold screws on the black PU mounting rings; black screws on the gold neck plate/side jack mounting.
I built a soloist using gold hardware (floyd tremolo, humbucker ring, knobs, tuners, nut, and jackplate) everything matched well even though they was from different companies.  My humbucker was a Dimarzio ToneZone (black), I just recently purchased a gold PAF to replace the Dimarzio and noticed that the new pickup has newer looking appearance than the hardware I first mentioned.  The original hardware looks aged or a darker gold compared to the new gold pickup.  :-\  Hope this helps!