Glue Dots


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I just came up with this little trick and thought I would share.  I was installing some Bartolini soapbar pups on a Warmoth bass and using the little bits of surgical tubing in place of springs to hold the pickups up against the screws.  I slid the tubing over each screw but they were driving me nuts falling off and sliding around.  So I got into my wife's crafting supplies and scarfed some Glue Dots.  You can find them at any decent crafting store or Wal Mart.  We call them "snot glue".  They are little, round transparent pads of fairly tacky glue that stick to everything.  Anyway, I just pressed some of these Glue Dots to the back of the pickup, directly under the screw holes.  The holes were completely covered by Glue Dots.  Then I pressed the pieces of tubing to the Glue Dots, flipped the pickup over and set it into position.  The Glue Dots held the tubing in place perfectly like three little legs under the pickup.  Then I threaded the screws down into the pickup holes, through the Glue Dots and the center of the tubing and finally into the holes in the body.  Worked like a charm...

Then I was having trouble installing one of those metal battery clips in the preamp compartment.  I couldn't get it to stay in one spot long enough to get the tiny screw holes drilled.  Got me another Glue Dot, stuck it to the back of the clip and pressed it into place.  Screwed the screws into place and it was perfect.

Here's exactly what I used:

Ben Davis