GFS pickups


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Has anyone had any experience with GFS pickups?  I am looking for some dual blade humbuckers for my upcoming warmoth project and i like the look of thiers but for the scary low price of $35 i am a little leary.  thanks

don't expect high end pick-ups, but they are really great for the price!
I have used them in 3 of my 'lower-budget' guitars and they are great! (2 x lil killers and 1 loudmouth)

the only problem is that the 2nd set of lil killers do not sound as good as the first.. but my intension was to swap them out for higher end pups when I have some more money anyway :)
I didn't like the  10k lil killer all that much, it was definitely not the sound I wanted.  All overdrive and no 'real' tone. Coil-tapping it produced an awful sounding pickup. I replaced it with the 6k version which fits with the neck and middle (vintage SC) pups better. and has a nicer more musical tone.  I guess for some people it would be a great sound, just not for me. The good thing about GFS is that if you don't like it, you're only out $35. People do say the 10k version nails the 'hot rails' SD pickup, but I have no idea if that's true.
I've used some of the higher end Strat sets and the Seth Lover style Tele Deluxe PUs from GFS and they are better than just OK; tried the "vintage botique overwound" PAFs and was very under-impressed with those....
I just ordered a set of their premium texas strat single coils so I hope they are decent.  I'm building a strat with modest components to see what I can squeeze out of it..
If you got the grey bottom Texas staggers, the main difference between them and a set of Fender Custom Shop '69s is $100
I bought a pair of their Retrotron Memphis humbuckers, which are supposed to sound like Rickenbacker pickups. They're intended for my hollow SG 12-string project, which is still in its very early stages so I haven't been able to hear what they sound like in my guitar. But they do have some sound samples on the website: