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I decided to order a set of Lil Killers for my strat.  I'm getting 3 with 6k dc since im not into the hot/overwound thing. Anybody use these ones yet? I also ordered a new pickguard and electronics from W so i can swap them back if i want. here is a mock-up with the old white pickguard and one with the new



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I had one at 6k and one at 10k in a cheapo strat last year. They work as advertised, I preferred the 6k version. I thought they were both too modern-sounding for my tastes, but I guess that's the design - sc sized hb with ceramic magnets. May work great if you're after a more modern sound. I prefer old-school stuff personally and I've had great experience with their vintage SC pickup lines. Definitely get them, and swap them out if you don't like them, they're super cheap.
I had a 6k in the neck of a strat. I liked it, but ended up dropping in a set of Fender SCN's, which I bought used from BillinSC. If I hadn't have gotten a deal on the SCN's, I would have stuck with the GFS pu's. The Lil Killer has a bit of that single coil edge, and it has a humbucker-like mid. Good bass.
yeah, i didnt think id get that strat sound with them but wanted to goof around with the guitar anyway. Later on if i dont like them i might get a set of dimarzio area's or SD vintage rails. My main beef with the pickups in it right now is the 60 cycle hum. Gotta crank up the noise gate then loose sustain just so I dont go nuts with the buzzing.