front pickup tele hight addjustment


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ok got the pickup ground on mounted it to the pick guard. installed it. doesn't seem to be able to adjust highth of the pickup. what  am i missing? :sad1:
no there was a small surgical tubing. i think they were  too short so  i bought some at sportmans warehouse and made some longer ones appears to work thanks
I use the tubing on a few of my guitars, mainly the tele with all their metal... Can sometimes cause a feedback problem with springs
The Bill Lawrence pickups I got had the tubing around the screws instead of springs.  You sometimes have to cut it depending on the pickup ring and string height.  You can just crush the hell out of it, but I got a bad feeling about that when I was messing with it.  Sharp scissors, snip snip, and that was the end of that.

always use tubing in place of the springs, i think fender did this at one point, maybe still do on american models. the springs can become microphonic and nobody wants that. lawrence pickups come with tubing and duncan's fender style pups do to, yet they still use springs for humbuckers, strange.