For Sale: 59 Tele Neck (Vintage Modern)


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SOLD: 59 Vintage Modern Tele neck


59 roundback Neck profile
Vintage modern construction
1 5/8" nut width.
Birdseye maple
Rosewood board
10-16" compound radius
6100 SS frets
Tuner holes two step Schaller, also fits Hipshots.
Earvana Nut
22 frets 25.5" scale.

Headstock finish in nitro, neck shaft tru-oil and gunstock wax. Frets have been leveled and dressed by myself. Fretboard edge also rolled by myself.

This is the neck I used in the natural ash tele
I am selling as it is not getting the use I would like it to. For me I prefer a standard thin profile so I have decided to sell.

Price: £200 £150 (including postage if in the UK)

The neck is located in the UK so shipping costs need to be worked out to the buyers location and added to the sale price if you are outside the UK.

The neck has hardly been played, the finish has mellowed to a nice colour and with the fret work already done this represents an added value over the cost of the neck. This work would cost at least half the price I am asking for the neck.

Current photos

Headstock front

TeleNeck1 by stratamania, on Flickr

Headstock rear

TeleNeck2 by stratamania, on Flickr

Back of neck.

TeleNeck by stratamania, on Flickr

Here are a few of the neck when it was received and also when I finished it.

FinishtoTrussRod_10 by stratamania, on Flickr

Fret_and_Finish_6 by stratamania, on Flickr

In this next shot if you zoom in you can see the quality of the fretwork and rolled edges for maximum playing comfort.

Fret_and_Finish_8 by stratamania, on Flickr

The neck out of the box,  59 profile, maple and rosewood with SS6100s and an Earvana Graphtech Tusq nut.

Tele_OOB_2 by stratamania, on Flickr

Close up of the headstock.

Tele_OOB_3 by stratamania, on Flickr

Close up of the heel. And the skunk stripe reminds me it is a Vintage Modern this time.

Tele_OOB_4 by stratamania, on Flickr

Back of the headstock

Tele_OOB_5 by stratamania, on Flickr