Flaming Texas Special


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Although there are 15 guitars in the house, I wind up playing this one most, if my old pal Stevie Ray were still around he'd porbably trade me something more valuable for it....

Neck: Warmoth Pro 10/16, rosewood on AAA Flame maple medium thin with Gotoh Kluson style tuners, shot with Fender Neck Amber and 12 coats of nitro

Body: Warmoth hollow chambered alder body with AAA Flame maple top (some idiot put this on eBay with a $150 buy-it-now and was shocked when it sold in 6 minutes - dumbass!), oil-stained the back, shot the maple laminate top with Fender Neck amber to match neck and 12 coats of nitro on top of that; all gold hardware to include Gotoh vintage bridge and gold Tele style knobs.

Electronics: Fender Custom Shop SRV Texas Specials with gold PU covers, CTS 250K pots, vintage wiring save the .047 orange-drop cap.

This thing rocks; included extra pic of back of neck, but none of these pix do all the flame justice....




WOW!!!!  $ 150bucks????????????  you shoulda got that guy's number and called him monthly.....hahahahahahahah  Nice... :laughing7:

:eek:ccasion14:  heres to Stevie Ray........
Cool guitar. Ken Warmoth has a funny story of SRV calling him from a pay phone many years ago to talk about necks. Stevie ran out of coins and the call was dropped at least once as I recall the story. There is magic in them chambered hollow bodies isn't there? At Warmoth, the guys that buy hollow bodies for the first time often call back and tell us about their incredible tone.