First Warmoth build


Hi All,

I`ve built a couple of guitars before (a long time ago), but this is my first with Warmoth body/neck. I can`t speak more highly about the fit and finish, the fretwork is good (only a light dress needed), but most of all everyone at Warmoth were great to deal with.

Warmoth Swamp ash body, one-piece birdseye neck. Fralin Broadcaster pickups (wound +5%). Callaham hardware, Gotoh staggered post tuners, Angela/Jensen 0.047uf copper foil paper in oil capacitor - a tone control that works, what a novelty!!!


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Good one! Make sure to add a picture and blurb about it to the Tele Gallery section of this board too!
Thanks guys. The frets are standard nickel/silver 6150, but after I levelled them and re-crowned them I polished them until they shone. A local guitar tech set the intonation with a strobe tuner yesterday and also thought the frets were stainless steel.

Almost everything on it is to give a traditional 1950-51 look, down to the flat-head screws, but with modern playability and functionality. The tuners are staggered post, but in the end I thought the old-style string tree just looked better than no string tree. The bridge is a Wilkinson vintage-look, but with modern staggered saddles to improve intonation. I can not recommend the Fralin "Broadcaster" pickups more highly. They are the best sounding tele pickups I`ve ever heard, bar none. Very SRV-like tones from the neck pickup and the bridge will cut through glass, but has more mid-range guts.