First paint job...


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Using spray cans - which color is more "forgiving", black or white?  Or somewhere in-between?  I really like both colors, but which is less likely to show flaws in the paint job?
In my very limited experience with solid colors, white seems to be more forgiving, as you can't see the inevitable white dust that always seems to find its way into my finishes.
Sooo... black is less forgiving and white is more forgiving?  All this "less unforgiving" talk is confusing me! :help:
White is easier than black, at least that's the consensus between the 2 replies so far.
Black will eat your lunch if all of your prep work is not perfect.You will see every thing.Bumps ,chunks and lumps.White is more forgiving.However don't do what I did.If you strip a black guitar,don't paint a white guitar in the same room.I had a hell of a time with little black flakes appearing out of no where.Even after sweeping and mopping the floor.After prep work its all up to a clean work space.That includes hair,skin flakes and boogersThey all find a way into the finish....My choice of the two for ease...White...Good luck

Cheers :eek:ccasion14:
White does show smudges etc very easily, though. Don't think "black is unforgiving; white is forgiving". Not true.

I have found white a little easier to work with, and it does definitely look nice. But don't expect to be able to f*** up and have it still look good  :laughing7: