First Build Questions


I'm ready to start my first warmoth build - I'm going with a wenge/ebony neck with stainless steel frets, but I'm not so sure about the body wood.  I don't know whether to go for Walnut or Black Korina (hollowbody strat).  Any suggestions?

I'm looking for a strat-ish sound, but a little warmer, or more interesting.

Any input is appreciated
i just finished a black korina body with a maple neck and it probly wouldnt be a good choice for a traditionl strat sound it has alot more low end and bigger warmer tone than a alder or poplar or even a swmp ash body only have built one guitar with walnut and it was a telecaster and it had a total fender tele sound . but like you said your wanting a warmer more interesting sound and that just about describes the blac korina  guitar i built. but to tell you the truth i think both of the wood op. you are looking at would make exc. sounding guitars but they would be  slightly different in overall tonal quality.  wenge is a little darker in tone than maple but with the ebony fretboard being so bright it might even out the over all tone to almost a maple neck. plus ebony feels soooo good.a black korina body with a white korina neck with a ebony fretboard would be just a little more warmer , hope this rant helps thanks kayle
That wenge and ebony will absolutely ROAR! :rock-on:!  I would suggest a black korina body with that wenge neck.  IMO, walnut sounds GREAT as a lead guitar body, but for rhythm it lacks something, I'm not sure exactly what it is, but it's just not there.

Just bought the neck off the showcase - I can't wait until it arrives!.  Thanks for the input,  I'm still deciding...

So many choices
I agree with dudesweet, thats a great neck wood combo, and I would skip walnut as well, too hard, I would go Black Korina as stated, its warmer but not as much as say Mahogany, I would only build a guitar body out of four different woods, (Alder, Swamp Ash, Black korina or Mahogany) too me those are the best guitar body wood choices,  both Alder and Swamp Ash, are  the Strat tones, while Black Korina and Mahogany get you into Gib territory, so my suggestion with a Killer neck like Wenge/Ebony with out getting as warm as a Les Paul would be Black the same time since your going hollow body, whatever you choose will be a bit different than typical strat, even hollow Alder should seem warmer.....which if straty is your desire might be the best choice.............just my opinion......... :laughing3:
Alright - either this one -

Or this one -,34

What do you guys think?
This is personal preference, but I would go with a rear route.  If you get a great piece of wood like that it is a shame to cover it with a pick guard.  This one for example:

ooh! Greg P  Nice choice, And I agree, All nice wood should be rear routed.  Did you guys know the only reason fender ever front routed was for ease of production. Just goes to show that good promotions can make a bad idea good.