First Build- Pensa-Style Strat


Curly Maple on African mahogany, SRV maple/rosewood neck with SS frets.
I built the body from scratch since I already had a 8' X 15" X 2" plank of mahogany, a very nice piece of wood that alows me to make one-piece bodies. Definately a lot of work to do a carved top by hand, I can see the advantage of CNC machines!

I went with lindy fralins P92 split singles, very expensive pickups, but definately nice- they are essentially p90's that are hum-cancelling so you get the luxury of quietness in a P90; I actually decided to not ground the bridge, making shocks at gigs a little less likely.

All finished with Lee Valley water-based dyes, and tru-oil finish. I used all 3 tru oil products, sealer, liquid and the spray. The sealer is really not needed, its problem is that it dries about 3 times faster than regular liquid tru oil, so as I was rubbing it on it got tacky and I ended up with pieces of lint from the rag all embedded in the finish, causing a lot more work in leveling out the bumps later on. So be aware of this if you use tru oil sealer, you have to put it on quickly.
The spray can is great though, especially if your going for a glossy finish that looks more like lacquer. What I did was build up the finish with rub on, level sand, then spray a few coats, then after two weeks level sand again with scotch-brite grey (like steel wool), then rubbed out with Mcguires swirl remover and mirror glaze. I got very deep glossy finish with this method.

The guitar sounds great overall, the best thing about it is it has really long sustain. I've never really had a guitar with this much sustain before, literally sounds like I have a compressor pedal switched on- I'm lovin it!


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Thanks to everyone on this board for all the helpfull info - especially Tonar's awesome finishing tutorials and midirose's awesome instructional site! :rock-on:


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