Firebird peghead?


I'm putting together a Firebird-like guitar on warmoth... Of course the firebird body, but since they don't have the neck as well I'm going for a strat-neck with a custom peghead...

Anybody out there that already have had that kind of peghead done by warmoth, and have a template that works? Or have the skills to do one pretty accurately for the fun of it? Since I can't draw a bowlingball if my life depended on it any tips at all are welcome anyhow=)

Grand Elk
They used to offer a firebird neck; you should try calling and see if you can still custom order one....
yep, I sent them an e-mail... they don't have any left... so I have to come up with a blueprint for them:S
I asked a couple of months ago if they could do the Firebird headstock, but was told that they couldn´t.
I don´t know, but wouldn´t this just be a custom shape, avaiable for a upgrade? Since they´ve done it before they have the template and all.

Edit: ups, a little late..
Weird, I could have swore that the Firebird headstock was a special order thing not listed on the site. Maybe I'm just thinking of the bass. :icon_scratch: