finished: telecaster with strat headstock


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so here it is all finished. 
- ash telecaster body with vintage white finish
- maple stratocaster neck with rosewood fretboard. 
- neck pickup:  seymour duncan SH-1 '59
- bridge pickup:  seymour duncan Five-Two
- chrome neck plate

if you have any other questions about it let me know.  also, i just wanted to extend a huge thank you to all of the guys on the board, willyk, cb, guitlouie, jackthehack, jr, everyone - thanks a lot for your help.  without it, i don't know what would've happened. 

not bad for a 17-year old huh? 





i bought the neck through ebay.  it's a standard stratocaster neck, not warmoth.  i didn't finish the body myself, warmoth took care of that.
Very nice one! Looks classy and I'm sure a great player. Lots better than what I was playing at 17!
thanks for all the comments guys.  i appreciate it.  nathan a - yes, the "fat finger" does work.  it's not an overwhelming difference or anything like that, but it's a nice gentle touch.  it really does give you a little more sustain.  it'd probably be a little nicer to have the vintage style headstock for a little more room for the fat finger, plus it might look cool, but idk.
no, vintage white.  it actually came out a lot lighter than i wanted, which i was kinda bummed about at first, but idk, in certain lighting you can see a cream-light yellowish tint.  the color definitely is a lot lighter than what's on the warmoth site, and i don't think that's cool.