Finished Sonic Blue Strat ( 3A Birdseye Maple Neck)


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Warmoth sonic blue light weight swamp ash body, 3A Birdseye Maple Neck Vintage construction finished by Warmoth in clear gloss. Wolfgang profile feels killer with the 1 5/8ths nut width. Also went with a straight 10 in radius.

Pau Ferro fretboard (has a cool badger head figuring around the 12th fret)

6105 nickel frets, kluson locking revolution tuners, fender avri trem/bridge. Lace sensor blue, silver, red set with a tbx tone control.

Best guitar I have ever owned/played. Can't wait for my neck build, going with 3A flamed maple next time. I also will add I am past the honeymoon phase as I have had the guitar since summer of 2021.


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The Wolfgang profile is great, but I strongly recommend if you have smaller hands to go with the 1 5/8ths nut width and a straight radius. The ten inch radius is perfect as it is great for leads and rhythm. I am a bit odd as I prefer medium to high action as it makes bending easier for me. I think a low action person should pick a 12 or flatter.

The shape fills your hand nicely , but you can still shred on the neck and really dig in on the high strings with the taper on the treble side of the neck. Can do over the thumb chords pretty easily too. Only downside I think is doing scale runs in a single position from the low e to the high e as the transition from the thick side to thinner is a bit odd. Going opposite from the high e to low e with a scale pattern is amazing. Chord playing is great.

If you have medium to large hands the 1.65 would probably be a good choice. Don't do the 1 11/16ths.

My buddy has two warmoth standard thins with the 1 11/16ths compound radius 10-16 and those are nice, but I can't really get a great grip and dig in like the Wolfgang. We both prefer straight radius as well, he says he will not order the compound in the future. It is about medium difficulty doing the scale runs to in a single position. Chord playing is not as comfy as the Wolfgang. (Could be the radius on his guitars, but Barre chords are tougher on the thin)