finished Jazz and Jag pair


new to this forum, I thought I'd post my finished products:

on the left is my jaguar, warmoth alder body, warmoth maple neck with cbs style headstock, rosewood fingerboard, graphtec nut, grover tuners, bigsby B-5 trem, ABM tune-o-matic bridge with graphite roller saddles, and 2 seymour duncan antiquity humbuckers.  The pickups are unmistakably gibson sounding, but it still retains some jaguar tone.  Kind of heavy for such a small guitar, but Warmoth only does the double truss rod for the small scale necks.  finish is warmoth's own olympic white.

On the right is my baby, another alder body from warmoth, but was modified by Koll guitars/12th fret here in Portland to become a hollow body, complete with f-hole.  sadly warmoth wouldn't help with any of the custom work, but the finished product is well worth the extra effort.  Again I used a warmoth maple neck with cbs headstock, rosewood fingerboard, medium jumbo frets, graphtec nut and the same bridge,  trem, and tuning machines as the jag.  the pickups are original (one is a '73 and the other a '75) seth lover fender humbuckers, NOT reissues.  It's wired like a '72 tele thinline.  Very punchy low end, crystal highs and a crunchy midrange.  you just cannot touch the tone on these pups.  Easily the best guitar I've ever played.  Thanks for looking.
Welcome to the board. Great work. Love the Bigsbys. How hollow is the Jazzmaster? I'm intrigued!
Incredible. I love matching guitars. Interesting with the bigsbys, they almost look like the original style trems. I'd love to get ahold of either of those babies.
the jazz is hollow everywhere except for a block in the tail where the trem is.  replacing the stock trem and bridge eliminated all of the issues that usually plague these guitars:  such as strings jumping off the bridge (no grinding out bigger grooves for the strings here!), tuning issues when using the trem, and bridges popping off in mid play.  I did have to angle the neck pocket to accomodate for the tune-o-matic bridge, but only by about 2 degrees.  They both stay in tune very well and have very nice low action.  thanks again for looking!
Get some strings on those things!  Seriously, nice vision, well executed.
Hubba Hubba, I mean the owner . . . Oh, and the axes too. (insert drool :icon_thumright:)
Bet you could get a whole lot of bodies and necks out of that tree she's standing in front of, what do you reckon that is........Hmmmm???
You looked at that picture and thought, "What kind of tree is that?"  What's the matter with you, dude?