FINALLY VIP finished

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Well this one took a while:

When I say a while, I got the body over a decade ago. It was an impulse body purchase when the W was phasing out true lam tops and going double lam.

I tossed and turned over multiple aspects, not to mention multiple job changes and wives. LOL

But it is 99.99% done. I don't know where the rear route cover is and I don;t care. Once I take them off, I rarely put them back on. Can't find the vibrato bar, so ordered one that should be here Thursday. Couldn't find the dressed nut I already had, so had a new one put on. Also couldn't find the rosewood truss rod cover I had bought for it.

It's a 2nd gen VIP, so full depth lam top with dished controls. Hog body (transparent brown) and flame maple top (yellow dye).
Neck is a modern Vortex, Gibby scale, in all rosewood. It is scalloped from fret 5 up by DC Custom Guitars. Frets are SS 6100s. Fret work, burnishing and the lost dressed nut were done by Cagey.

Hipshot open gear locking tuners. Wilkinson VS100N vibrato.
Pups are:
Neck - Zhanggbucker Pagey 2
Bridge - Zhangbucker O-Bucker

Both are pure wound and with the Splat option (activated by push/pulls. Neck by Vol, Bridge by tone).
The Splat option is a full coil of a humbucker plus a portion of the other coil. Not fully HBing, but not fully lame like some split humbuckers.

Schaller S Locks to keep everything connected.

It's late for me, so here are the best pics at the time.


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That was a long time in the making.... and wives! At least you did it one at a time ...
I can barely afford 1, what’s this multiple your post suggests? LOL

Oh and I had to move 1100 miles (not related to wives). Well actually yes, but not because of legal ramifications. Needed to move her closer to her family as they are towards the time they need care.

She let me know that upfront. I fully understood as I had to do the same for mine.
I need to take better pics.

That may be a while. Tomorrow after work is dedicated to this and the Oxblood LP (Ox, finally named a guitar), at a decibel rating of 120+.