final decisions. small help needed!!


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almost finished my plan for first W, tele project, plan is to start ordering after assessing funds early next year (post-christmas)

let me know what you think  :laughing7:

-black korina/black korina hollow tele (rear routed with f-hole)
-tung oil finish
-top binding (black)
-HxP-90xH route : vintage vibe humbucking p-90s (ceramic magnets, hot winding, with coil tap switches), vintage vibe vintage p-90
-black hardware, three volume/tone (concentric pots)
-recessed TOM with string thru mount (heres where the indecision lies...)
Because my dial-up sucks, and Kisekae don't work on it, what's peoples opinions on shape of string thru? Im thinking either arched or slanted, not keen on staggered. And, do you seperately purchase string thru ferrules? Maybe i'm blind, but it doesn't seem to specify..

neck is still in the air, any 2 cents much appreciated  :hello2:

-25.5" pro jackson/tele neck, fatback contour (still deciding which peghead)
-wenge/ebony (raw, baby, raw!!!)
-block or shark fin inlays (depending on peghead)
-planet waves auto-trim lock tuners (anybody had experience with??)
-graphtec nut, width 1 11/16

so what does everyone think? Im going for a big, open, raw, nice and versatile axe. Needs to be able to get very hot, and very warm very quick (hence the ceramic humbuckingp-90s and vintage soapbar). I have had experience with vintage vibe pickups and they rule, so thats pretty set. never used coil taps, like the idea though. any thoughts on coil tap?

might have problems with neck dive though  :icon_scratch: which could be an issue, if i move the rear strapbutton further UP the body, would this help maybe?

this has taken me MONTHS of indecision to come to this conclusion so far, so any 2 (or 3) cents would be killer.  :toothy12:
thanks guys

I don't think you'll have a problem with neck dive. I've got a wenge/ebony neck. I had it on a mahogany tele and it's now on a korina strat. It doesn't dive.
neilium said:
I don't think you'll have a problem with neck dive. I've got a wenge/ebony neck. I had it on a mahogany tele and it's now on a korina strat. It doesn't dive.

Solid or hollow body neilium?

r.i.t.f. I don't think you'll have a problem anyway, with all those pickups and switches  :icon_jokercolor:

I might be wrong but you may have to choose between binding and a forearm contour. Hollow teles (as opposed to Thinline teles) have belly and forearm contours (like a strat) and I think "drop top" binding which follows the dip in the top is only available on strats and jazz basses.
String ferrules are listed in hardware on W's website. You need 6x GSF1B ferrules for the back at $0.92 each and IG88 ferrules for the front at $3.75 a set of six
And now to purely personal opinions which you can pay 2cents for or just ignore completely  :laughing7:
I reckon a 'Warhead' headstock and block inlays would look killer
I think NonsenseTele is spot on..Angled holes are the go for sure.
I haven't used the Planet waves tuners but there are heaps of good reports around the board
I also don't have first hand knowledge of your pickups but I think coil taps are a waste of time. Again I stress this is just my opinion, it's your axe not mine. Coil splitting humbuckers makes sense to me but strangling a perfectly good P90? :dontknow:

Crikey, I've written a bloody novel :eek:
I'll shut up and give somebody else a go.  Cheers Willy :headbang:
1.) You don't specify which HBs, but typically most "vintage" style HBs don't have enough output and sound kind of thin coil tapped.

2.) Doubt neck dive will be issue with that config unless you get an unusually light korina hollow body; CB has funky left shoe to sell you in that case

3.) You don't completely indicate where indecision lies with string through TOM; should not SOUND any different from TOM with stop tailpiece
Sounds like a really great build. You seem to have a good vision of what you want.

Sounds like a Jackson peghead would look great with the inlays you want and give it a cool vibe.

The planet wave tuners are fantastic, I highly recomend them, very well built, easy to use, reduces string lash, and you don't need a pair of pliers to cut the string.

You need to purchase string ferruls seperatly. Go for the slanted config.

And YES! Raw Raw Raw!

This should be a nice versatile axe for you. It seems to have all the characteristics you are looking for. It should really crank! Looking forward to seeing it come to life.

rightintheface said:
-25.5" pro jackson/tele neck, fatback contour (still deciding which peghead)

How about this?  :icon_biggrin: hehehehehe
hahahahahahahahahahaha what a crazy headstock!!! reminds me of those crazy parkers. odd.

but yeah, thanks for the input guys, much appreciated  :laughing7:
1. yeah, thats one thing i'm umming and ahhing, binding or no binding??? i haven't got a tele, so i don't have much experience on how they feel without arm contours (yes they do have to be ommited when binded  :-\). so waddyas reckon? binding or no binding? is it worth saving the money and gaining the comfort? i'm pretty relaxed about it either way, but seeing as it's my first build, don't really have experience with differences with contours... pros/cons anyone?
2. on coil taps: the humbuckers being used are vintage vibe guitars HSP-90s, which are humbuckers wired like p-90s, ceramic magnets. they are hot as shit, hotter than my JB in fact. i think specs are 9.8k neck, 14.6k bridge. so they are plenty hot. i am in the process of emailing Pete (owner of VVG), on how the HSPs sound split.
3. my indecision on TOMs was just with the shape of the string thru mounting holes. just little cosmetic things that im playing with, tryingto make the little decisions.
4. funky shoes definitely an option, i have a spare ten-pin bowling shoe lying around (crazy thieving older brother). should work perfectly  :hello2:

all i have to wait for is that thing. whats it called. oh yeah. MONEY. thats the one. the dough. the cheese. and so on.
IMHO lose the binding. As you say it's your first build and you don't need the extra hassle.
As for waiting for the money? Everybody's rich in Kiama..Steal some!!!!!! :icon_jokercolor:
yeah, stupid snooty kiama!!! wish i was one of those rich bastards..
but yeah, i'm thinking of ditching the binding, simply for the playability factor, does the arm contour make it that much more comfortable? like i said, i've never had a tele, so i don't know if they're uncomfortable to start with  :icon_scratch:
speaking of localities, a friend of mine was in that 4 car pile-up on Mt Ousley the other week. crazy times.
I've never heard good-sounding split humbuckers, good luck and post sound files please I want to hear how yours sounds. Hot, overwound H-P90-H is a lot of magnetic pull on the strings, no? I hope you get good sustain out of this thing. I wonder how much you'd lose in flexibility with a simpler neck P90, Bridge humbucker that lots of posters are doing.

Love my forearm contour, my tele has all three contours and the forearm is the best one. Binding? We don't need no stinking binding! Especially if you're finishing it for the first time.
This sounds like it's going to be a really nice original build, best of luck to you and you've got to post some pics when you're done.
hmmmm i hadn't even thought aout the magnetic pull...never had a stick with three pickups before. shite. i hope it won't be a problem. anybody got a git with 3 hummers??
and i think you guys have conned me into ditching the binding. yay for contours and saving money on binding!!
thanks for the thoughts tfarny, i wanted to build something that i can't just buy off the shelf, something kinda stand-alone. and yeah, i chose hollow korina to hopefully maximise sustain. i will make sure i post pics, and possibly sound clips (my pc/net sucks monkey nuts, but i will see what i can do)

will be ordering as soon as i have the money, no doubt about it