Fibre Optic Fret and Position Markers




I would like to see this offered as an 'Option' when ordering
a 'Custom' Warmoth Guitar Neck.

I'd seen this on an ALEMBIC Bass in Manny's Music NYC showroom window - just Incredible !
ok, i get it know, after looking through the installation.  does the end of the fiber glow or the whole fiber, if its the whole fiber you could do cool inlay work  with it.

im not a fan of glowing front dots, but i've been in situations where i needed the side dots. but it also brings up the question, couldn't you just use reflective tape? cut it into little circles and stick it on. but you couldn't play if it was pitch black.
The end of the Fibre Optic shaft emits the Light - you can adjust the Brightness.

It's easier to pick up your position with peripheral Vision with Fibre Optics -
resisting that last urge to look & check. :doh:

The material comes in various thicknesses - could make for some interesting
Fretboard Designs - anything I build / have built going forward will have this installed.