Fender Locking Tuners

Max Headroom

Hello all,

First build, first post, first question!

I just received my new telecaster neck and had ordered it with Schaller/Modern Fender/Sperzel (25/64") tuner holes.  I had bought Fender locking tuners for it.  Are they supposed to be really tight in the holes?  I can't even push them in.  Did I order the wrong hole size?

The Fender locking tuners (formerly made by Schaller, now made by Ping) should fit fine, but the 25/64 doesn't allow for any tolerance for the finish. You have to sand any finish overspray out the inside of the tuner holes. Just take some sandpaper, wrap it around a dowel rod, pen shaft, Phillips head screw driver and sand the inside a little. Do not drill, it can tear the edge.

Fender actually drills out to ~13/32" for more tolerance in assembly line construction.
Duck is right.  Without the finish, the Fender locking tuners fit well in the 25/64" holes.    Removing the finish is a simple matter with sandpaper wrapped around a pen.  I have installed around 5 sets of them.