Fender '57 Mini Twin: Any Clean Tones?!?!

For those who care I just bought one at GC.
The answer to my question is: no. There are almost no clean tones to it unless you play very quietly.
However, the silver lining is that it is actually a pretty cool little amp. You may hate the tweed look but it really has some power to it if you're down for some overdrive. It is really best suited for blues IMHO.

For what its worth.
I bought the fender mini tonemaster last year to just dick around with in the backyard while sitting on the porch.


I checked out the twin, but didn't want to spend the extra $10. :)  Basically, it's a toy.    It's got some somewhat playable fuzzy tones, and even a decent clean sound, but again.... it's a toy.

If I wanted something small and a bit more usable, I'd probably get a pignose.

if you need a portable small practice amp give the Roland Micro Cube a go.

I've had mine now for a few years now and I wouldn't be without it.

Saying that it's bigger than a Fender Micro Twin and maybe costs a little more.  I've got one of them too.  But honestly there is no comparison.  The Micro Cube really is great fun.