Fear this...

I agree, I don't want to copy his guitar.  I just thought it was a cool pattern and put it on my basement wall, which needed some color.  It's just similar, not an exact copy.  No different than VH covering a Kinks song.  I was going to do just red, and then I decided to use some leftover white and black paint I had to make it extra sweet.
that's really funny.

also, i'm glad you uploaded a video of your wall paint!  :laughing7:

seriously though, very cool wall. so much better than "beige"
I love your wall.  If I remember correctly, you have a very young child.  They say that black white and red are very stimulating for babies, so I say have your little one stare at the wall a while!  :icon_thumright:
The guitars should be stimulating as well. Bring those kids up right!

At least my parents had good music. No instruments when I came around, though.