Favorite Local Guitarists

jackthehack said:
There's no one I know of here in KC proper, but when in the Dallas area, Bugs Henderson and Jim Shuler

Hey Jack - not sure how old you are but would you happen to remember a band called 'Glow' from the mid-80's?  They put out a cassette or two way back when.  Very pop/jazz fusion-ish in the KC area.  I wore out my cassette copy long, long ago.

Nope; I was corporately sentenced here in 2005 and plan to leave as soon as I can; not sure about the music scene here back then, but from all reports things have been gone downhill here a real long time for the town's jazz/blues reputation. There are a couple of clubs like B.B.'s Lawnside BBQ and Knucklehead's that have some quality blues acts, but most all of them are from out of town, a lot up from Texas.
theres a band in toronto i think it is called satin velvet if i can remeber a the guitar player is chris galager and he is simply amazing....

if your ever in toronto area you guys should go check them out...they play g and r covers for a bit then go to there stuff which is hard rock blues stuff
You guys might not be into this stuff,

Hey NathanA,  I'm a really big fan of fingerstyle acoustic stuff, but I'm less of a Micheal Hedges/Leo Kottke guy and more of a John Fahey/John Renbourne/Dave Van Ronk/Stephan Grossman kind of guy.  Love those vids, though, that guy does seem to have some compositional skills.  I rock out on my electrics, but whenever I pick up my acoustic, it is strictly fingers! 
I had the opportunity to jam with Michael at a Guitar Clinic in Sacramento back in the Early 90’s and I have never been so intimidated by anyone in my whole life.  I did not even want to play any leads on stage with him because I could not think after he finished tearing me up.  But he was so gracious and he let me have a go, which I took for one round and then quickly went back to playing rhythm.  Even playing rhythm for him was hard because I wanted to just stop and listen to what he was doing.  A few weeks later I saw him and Steve Trovato cutting heads and I think he even took Trovato for a ride.  It was some of the best guitar playing I have ever seen.  They pushed each other to heights of playing that made a room full of guitar players be awe struck. Michael has since gone to Nashville and is making his way as a studio and for hired gun guitar player.

I put this up so you get an idea of how many styles he can play.  When he is cutting loose live he is so fluid and tasty it is amazing. Check out all his stuff on YouTube

THAT'S what I'm talkin about.

That dude is the Shizle. Amazing mastery of styles. I could watch a guy like that for hours.

Thanks for the vid.  Yauza!
Hey all you rockin' Cats and Chicks!!

    My favorite local guy is my close personal friend (he doesn't know I exist) Greg Koch.  He is a Fender Spokesman and is funny as hell besides being one of the most incredible players around.  He does lots of stuff for Hal Leaonard, so you might have seen him there as well.  Check out his Radio Free Grislte CD.  What a HOOT!!!!
                                 6 two and even    over and out!
nathan a, thanks for the post!  Good stuff, man!  I should have posted my favorite regional acoustic guitarist and singer song writer to begin with, Sam Pacetti.  The guy's an awesome guitarist and vocalist.  :)

Merrily Kissed The Quaker's Wife:

The Christians and The Outlaws: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i-rnX1H_7k4

Doing some classic bluesy stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Cu3dOLHoxOM
I'm in Portland, Oregon.  A couple locals that come to mind are Terry Robb, and Tim Ellis.  Tim frequently plays with Craig Carothers when he's in town.  Terry is a master blues player, both acoustic & electric.  I used to mix sound for both of them quite frequently.  Always enjoyed their sets.
nathan a said:
Phry-- He's got some great lead lines in there, I really dig it.

Yeah he does some cool blues stuff in that last clip.  It's complete departure from his original instrumental tunes like Brian's Rapíer, Ascension, Triplesec, and Doorbell.  You can find examples of those on his myspace page.