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Well, a few weeks ago there were a bunch of threads about favorite guitarists, best tone, etc.  Well, I want to know who you think are great unknowns in your local area.

One of my local favorites is a young blues guitarist, Jamie Eubanks.  Their recorded stuff is not really impressive, but they have always been great live.  Below is a live clip (I think he was 15 at the time) and his website (it won't open right in anything but IE for some reason).

Stuck On Stupid clip: http://media2.sonicbids.com/EPK/Assets/audio.mp3?file_id={FDCEB854-052A-44E0-B384-E1E7948FA553}

Band Website (IE only): http://www.jamieeubanks.com/

MySpace: http://www.myspace.com/jamieeubanksband
jason, can't remember his las name, but i jammed with him, and he was bad ass, he has a myspace page,  but his songs are so boring, and they don't show his real ability, so i won't post it.
but if we ever record something together i'll post it.
CB - Isn't that cute

My favorite local guitarists / one of my favorites in general is a guy a few years older than me, we went to high school together. He's a jazz/blues/folk/rock guy, goes to the new england conservatory but doesn't sound like a music school idiot. He's got amazing feel, and has toured with local jazz acts, rock groups, country bands..

name's Lyle Brewer. Plays in a band called Grimis.. I don't like the stuff on their myspace right now. When it changes, I'll post

Very funny CB, on that same note.....


Note: the term "funny" is for amusement purposes only, (sorry if I offended you cb.)
Nothing funny about it.

Thread isn't about "most popular" local guitarist.

Thread isn't about "fastest" local guitarist.

Thread isn't about "best virtuoso" local guitarist.

Thread isn't about "most experienced" local guitarist.

The thread is about who's yer favorite.  And I must say, with a few exceptions, I seem to be my own choice in that department.

There used to be this absolutletly kick-ass band round here called The Cherry Valance, they spat out rock and roll like it was a religion and all their shows were revivals!  Twin lead guitars courtesy of Jamie Williams and Cheetie Kumar (a girl!!!!)  that brought to mind the best of Thin Lizzy, but with the raw energy of an MC5 or Stooges.  Their shows were great big parties that brought out everyone in town, and they were known to go play the after party as well, with a whole different set.  We would be just soaked in primordial Rock and Roll till dawn.  Alas, they split into two different bads, one of which carries on the moniker, while the other is now called The Birds Of Avalon.  Anyone who listens to any college rock stations might have heard of them, but neither of these new outfits holds the power of the old venerable TCV.  Oh yeah, they got my old band a bunch of shows too, so they get props for helpin out the little guys!
Thepriebster, lol... and you said my blues clip was smokin'.  Yeah right.  That was pretty strong, man.

Anyway, you can check out more of my stuff at: http://www.myspace.com/berrybradley

My track "Great Place to Land" is about as close as I'll come to that.  It actually started out as joke while I was experimenting a recently acquired TX81Z synthesizer.  I'm really a blues and R&B guy.
That was Great brudda!
I'm into a nice blues jam myself. Howz your new build playin? Getting some nice bluesy tones out of it?
Thepriebster said:
That was Great brudda!
I'm into a nice blues jam myself. Howz your new build playin? Getting some nice bluesy tones out of it?

It's funny, man.  I pickup my reissue, and I can't believe I used to play that thing.  I setup the Warmoth for 10s, and the action currently at the low E is about .075 with just a tiny bit of buzz here and there (still need to up it a little).  Anyway, my reissue is strung with 11s and the 12th fret action is over .1!  It's no wonder I have left hand problems after years of playing on that.
I know exactly what you mean, I play my jazz guitar for a couple days, then switch to my main axe and....Whoa!  It's like a form of training on a technical level.

Sorry guys, we seem to have gotten off the track here.

Guitlouie, here in Olympia Wa, the music scene is a bit flat, not many fav guit players to speak of.
Yo Priebster  Awesome video, very impressive playen, I wish I had the gigabyte brain to be able to play like that, unfortunatly my brain kicks out data in kilobyte chunks, followed by involuntary reboots. Oh well, I still have fun. I can impress my friends who don't know how to hold a pick.
Amen to the fun!  I've heard many mediocre guitarists play great sets because they played good tunes and got the crowd behind them.  Of course, can't rule out alcohol as a factor there.  Anyway, it's about having fun and contributing (no matter how insignificant it may seem) to the world of music.
Out here in the Tacoma/Puyallup area, I've got two.  There's a local guy I used to play with named Dustin Blatnik who's pretty phenomenal, and my old guitar teacher, Chris Bayman, who is hands down the best guitar player I've ever had the pleasure of meeting.  Just fantastic.
There's no one I know of here in KC proper, but when in the Dallas area, Bugs Henderson and Jim Shuler
You guys might not be into this stuff, but in truth, here's my guy-- one of my favorite guitarists alive. A friend of mine who taught me a few things a bunch of years ago. I still see him every week, and guitars get pulled out, it's great.

Mark Yodice

He's a solo acoustic guitarists who actually has his own distinct style, unlike the hordes of guitarists who sound like Michael Hedges and Leo Kottke's bastard child. His compositional skills and musicality are out of this world, and I've never met anyone with so much technical ability.


Check out "Jamu the Bewildered Buddhist", "God of Frolic". Check those out first..

here's a beauty


then here's a video that does show his Hedges influence (but he's much more than a Don Ross etc style clone), and his need for a haircut.