Fav. Tele players, tones


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The Strat-ers had their go, now it's time for the older brother!

Jeff Buckley!!! Muddy Waters, Chrissie Hynde, Andy Ross
The "Greatest Rock Solo Ever" was played on a Tele; David Gilmour on "Dogs"
Chrissie Hynde??? Her Tele was a prop; amp not miked, if on at all...

This category belongs to one man to whom all others pale: Roy Buchanan
Jimmy Page, who sold more Les Pauls by playing a Tele than Les Paul sold by playing a Les Paul.


And yeah, though I never would have though of him, I do really did Jeff Buckley's tele tone.
Sorry to be obvious but if we are purely talking tone its Keith Richards for me. Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead for his playing style. 
Andy Summers, though he's known more for his effects.  Ditto on Greg P's comment about Page.

Keef Richards, Muddy Waters, Steve Cropper, Roy Buchanan, Albert Collins, Buck Owens, Will Ray.... to name a few.
Mike Stern, his is Custom Made by Michael Aronson after his 50s tele got stolen, and I just read that his stolen tele was owned by Roy Buchanan before him.
While not just a tele guy or even thought of as a tele guy, Billy Gibbons is mine:

"Master of the Telecaster" Albert Collins, may he rest in peace.

Also: honorable mention (at least!) for George Harrison (RIP as well).