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Hello, all! My 1st Warmoth build will be an explorer. I want to know if anybody out there has built or will be building one. I'd like to talk about what is best for the explorer, and maybe see some pics if anybody has made a Warmoth.
Greenfisted said:
I'd like to talk about what is best for the explorer

Hi man! I have never builted a Explorer, but... hehehe
What does you mean as "the best for the explorer"??? Woods? Pickups?
white Korina if you want to keep it traditional!

Seriously, black korina will look great (and different to what you find in the shops) and it sounds fantastic! check the tone wood section on the warmoth page.
Well, i know what pickups to use...i've been using emg's for years. As for wood, i was thinking about mahogany. That's what gibson uses for their explorers and the warmoth wood description supports what i want out of it. One thing i am wondering...does warmoth do custom control routing? The default explorer controls are not what i want. I would prefer 1 tone, 1 volume, and a straight LP switch in the middle of them. Maybe i'll post what i have chosen so far to see if anybody can help me by spotting any known incompatibilities.
No custom control routing.... look in the official site the control rout from explorer, they can omit any or all the rout, but (untill I know and ask) they don't change the local of the holes.... I think I saw some people using toogle switch in those pot' holes, but dunno what they have done...
I was contemplating using an explorer body for my build instead of the strat but I'm sticking with the strat since it's the shape I'm used to. Traditionally you'd want to stick with mahogany or korina for the gibson sound but I wouldn't be afraid to mix it up.
As this will be my 1st Warmoth build, i've been choosing my options for the past couple of weeks. I'm not sure if this is absolutely everything i will need for a complete assembly. So, i come to the experience of all of you who have done this b4. This is what i have so far. Any suggestions about this would be great. Is anything miising from the list that i need. Thanx


Standard Options
- 4-Bolt Strat Compatible Neck Pocket
- 25 1/2" Scale Length
- 1 3/4" Thick Solid Construction
- Controls Routing: Default Explorer Control Options

Custom Options
- For Use Without Pickgaurd
- Pickup Routing: H-X-H (EMG Shape)
- Bridge Routing: Gibson Type Bridge Mounting  *Requires 1.5 - 2 Degree Angled Neck Pocket
- Side Jack Routing: 1/2"
- Mahogany Explorer Body (Left Handed)_______________________________________________$200.00
- Explorer Contoured Heel__________________________________________________________$35.00
- Rear Routed Hole For Small Single 9 Volt Battery Box____________________________________$15.00
- Finish: Solid Black_______________________________________________________________$185.00
- TOTAL - ______________________________________________________________________$435.00


Standard Options
- Double Expanding Truss Rod
- 10" - 16" Compund Radius Fretboard
- 25 1/2" Scale 22 Frets
- Predrilled Neck Mounting Holes

Custom Options
- Ebony Fingerboard .25" (6.35mm) Thick
- Nut Width: 1 11/16" (42.85mm)
- Back Contour: Standard Thin
- Tuner Holes: Schaller 11/32" - 25/64"
- Mahogany Explorer Warmoth "Pro" Construction Neck (Left Handed)________________________$229.00
- Inlays: Mother Of Pearl Dots_______________________________________________________$15.00
- Fret Size: Stainless Steel Fret Wire (SS6105)_________________________________________$20.00
- Precut And Installed Nut:  Graphtec Graphite__________________________________________$30.00
- Finish: Solid Black Neck & Peghead To Match Body (No Finish On The Fingerboard)___________$125.00
- TOTAL - _____________________________________________________________________$419.00


- Tonepros Locking Tune-O-Matic Bridge - Item #IG91 (Black)___________________________________$69.75
- TonePros Stop Tail Piece - Item #IG94 (Black)______________________________________________$62.75
- Schaller Mini Locking Tuners - Item #SMRB (Right, Black)_____________________________________$9.00 ($54.00 For Set Of 6)
- Gotoh Battery Box: Small Single 9 Volt Box - Item #BH1 (Black Plastic)___________________________$10.00
- Battery Clip - Item #BC_______________________________________________________________$1.50
- Humbucker Mounting Rings: Metal Flat - Item #HBRM1B (Black)________________________________$8.75 ($17.50 For Set Of 2)
- Jack: Deep Panel Stereo Jack - Item #DPJS1B (Black)______________________________________$8.00
- Knobs: Round Top/Dome Knobs - Item #RTK1B (Black)______________________________________$3.00 ($9.00 For Set Of 3)
- Neck Plate - Item #NP1B (Black)_______________________________________________________$5.25
- Neck Plate Pad - Item #NP1P (Black Plastic)______________________________________________$2.00
- Strap Holders: Standard Strap Buttons Set Of 2 - Item #SSB1B (Black)__________________________$3.25
- Pickup Selector Switch: Straight LP Switch - Item #SLP1B____________________________________$11.50
- Capacitor: .1uf - Item #CAP4__________________________________________________________$0.50
- Metal Logo - Item #M6 (Chrome)_______________________________________________________$3.75
- TOTAL - _________________________________________________________________________$258.75

good to talk to a fellow lefty.......I think you have just about everything covered except for some screws to attach the neck. Watch what lengths you order, because of the contoured heel and neck pocket angle. The Warmoth sales guys can answer any questions you might have. Look forward to seeing your creation when it's finished.  Willy