Eighty Three S type build


Hey everyone, this is my first post.
I really like how my Strat came out.
Warmoth body with a Musikraft neck. One piece Maple neck, Rosewood fret dots, skunk strip and truss plug.
The beautiful body is one piece Ash with an Alder cap to make the line for the Clean Line paint job. Vintage white on the front, and clear back and sides.
Designed after my old '83 Two knob strat, but with a 6 screw trem and the killer paint job.
The bridge is from a 1983 Fullerton '57 reissue, and the pickups are Lollar Blondes.
Put together by one of the best luthiers in NYC.

I used to live in NYC... whose your Luither? Guitar 🎸 looks great 👍
Thanks Rick,
When my original '83 two knob Strat needed a refret, I went to Norio Imai.
I intended to put this one together myself, then bring it in for final tweaking, but it was way too pretty and deserved to be done by a professional.
I brought it to him as well.
I also really like Matt at 30th Street Guitars.

Edit; added some pics
IMG_8383 copy.jpg

IMG_8389 copy.jpg
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