Ebony Fingerboard


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I've just ordered my first project from the custom shop.

It's a LPS with a mahogany body and maple top.
The neck is mahogany with an ebony finger boards and stainless frets.
Its a conversion neck.

My first choice was a Brazilian Rosewood fingerboard, but unfortunatley Warmoth are no longer allowed to ship it to me.
So I opted for Jet Black Ebony instead.

Now I'm a little concerned that the guitar will be too bright and lack the warmth of a Les Paul.
I'm not bothered about re-creating the definitive Les Paul copy, but I would like a warmth to the tone.

Have I ordered the wrong fretboard?

Any comments are greatly appreciated.
No. Lot's of Les Paul's have ebony fingerboards. With the mahogany neck and body and 24-3/4 scale you will be well within striking distance of the Les Paul tone.

Good luck. post pics!
I wouldn't worry about the ebony stealing the warmth. Though if you're concerned, try to get some pickups that are known for their warmth or that work well with ebony.
Gibson have had ebony fretboards on their Les Paul Customs since forever - I think they sound pretty Les Paulish myself :)

I really wouldn't worry about this. Fretboard wood is mainly about feel; pickups, neck wood and scale length have way more impact on your sound. Good luck with your build!
Yeah I think many Gibson LPs are all-mahogany with ebony fretboards.  Did you get the peghead veneer too?

No I just went for a painted black peg head, with transparent brown back and trapeze inlays.

Thank you for all the replies.  I feel much better now.  I may even prefer it  :)
I have this guitar in Midmight Manhattan Blue. 


Your build sounds very similar to it and should nail the LP tone.
You ordered the right fretboard!

Correct neck wood.
Correct fretboard wood.
And most importantly, correct scale length!  Which has a much more pronounced affect on your sound that the difference between ebony and rosewood.  You will be happy.

As to PUPs I'd get something really hot for the bridge and something warm for the neck.