dying swamp ash - again


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i'm convinced that swamp ash can be dyed successfully though not easily. of course, i'm convinced of  a lot of things that aren't true. the trouble i'm having is trying to locate some scrap swamp ash to experiment on. since this is such a popular guitar wood, but apparently not used for anything else, it would seem that warmoth or some of the other folks could make scrap available for a price. i've thought about using hard ash to experiment on, but i kindda doubt it will finish the same.
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give Larry at Gallery Hardwoods a call, I'm sure he can help you out. His number is at the bottom of this page


I've worked with Larry for a couple of years now, and he's a totally upstanding guy (not to mention the most knowledgable person I know on the topic of wood)

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thanks, i'll do that. this is really the first lead i've had in trying to find the stuff and i appreciate it.