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Hey guys--

Does anyone have experience / thoughts with any of duncan's antiquity pickups? I'm considering their P90s and Jazzmasters. I'm worried they might be vastly overpriced. Someone prove me wrong
i had a set of singles in a strat i didnt like them because all they did was feedback if you used any gain at all but heres what ed roman had to say about these
Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pickups are basically the exact same pickup as the Seth Lover. There are of course a number of modifications that are performed.
The Antiquity pickup is painstakingly artificially aged. There are at least three hours of very skilled labor that go into the aging process.

Seymour Duncan uses the exact same materials as Gibson did in the 50's when they built their original pickups. For example the bobbins are made from a butyrate compound that had to be specifically re engineered to recreate the original models.

The bottom plate of the pickup is made from German silver which is what Gibson did in the 50's & early 60's. The connecting wire is a single conductor cross braided steel just as like those famous original ones.

Unlike the Seth Lover Model, Seymour hand signs each & every one of these pickups, He uses a 45 year old aged  Aluminum Nickel Cobalt magnet that really nails the sound and tonal characteristics of the 1957 PAF.

The Seymour Duncan pickups are priced fairly at $225.00 a set.  Seymour made this Antiquity ™ model to look and sound like a well-worn '50s humbucker as originally designed by Seth E. Lover. The pickups are built to traditional standards. Each has its own character and DC resistance, just like the originals. He wanted to give the player a pickup that looks like it's been played regularly for 40 years, so he aged the nickel silver cover and the poles. Included is a front-tapered mounting ring and the screws that go with it. The pickup is not wax potted, which retains the vintage sound and appearance. Crafted by hand in Seymour's "Antiquity" room, each pickup is signed on the magnet & bottom plate to guarantee you are getting an original Seymour W. Duncan Antiquity ™.
I've read rave reviews on the Antiquity humbuckers on other boards.  However, I'm not concerned with the aging process, and the price is rather prohibitive.  I've never tried them; but, I considered them before I ordered what I have now.  I just wanted a P/U with vintage output specs.  I don't like too much output..it just muddies things up.  Anyway, I ordered custom-wound HighOrder pickups for my axe for half the price of the Antiquities.  I spec'd the DC resistance to basically copy the specs of the Antiquities.  I am very pleased with the results with my setup.  I have  a Warmoth Les Paul with a 25-1/2" scale length and a 1969 Marshall JMP50 Plexi.  Works for me.

NECK:  7.8K A-3 magnet, symmetrical wind, and BRIDGE:  8.3K A-2 magnet, asymmetrical wind