Dumb but Important pre-amp Question

Greg P

Junior Member
I've got a line on a screaming deal on a Soldano SP77.  If I don't like I can eBay for more than the asking price.  Only this is I don't want to buy a power amp to go with it until I've had a chance to play the SP77 for  a while to decide if I like it. 

Here's the question:  If I run the SP77 into the effects return of a regular head, that's the same as using the power stage of the head with the SP77 as a pre, right?  Is there any reason why that wouldn't work?  Do people do that? 
Theres no reason that it wont work,you might get the odd impedance mis-match,a line input would be preferable,but not all amps come with both.
Back in the late 90's a friend worked crew for the shadow's,apparantly hank was using an Award pre-amp in exactly the same way in to his Matchless.So at least you should get the pre amp half decently auditioned before you take the plunge.

i do that, i run a fender m 80 preamp out into the effects loop return on a mesa dual rectifier head. sounds great.