Dual Humbucker Volume Tone Coil Split With A 3 Way Blade Switch???


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I can understand why people say they don't like guitar wiring now: The documentation is incredibly scarce.
I'm trying to wire a guitar with two humbuckers, a volume, and a coil split tone, which is not uncommon.
Apparently using a three way blade switch instead of a three way toggle switch is uncommon, because I see no documentation anywhere on how to do this specific wiring with a blade switch instead of a toggle switch. I don't even see anything in regards to how the two relate and how to use them interchangeably. There's just nothing.

Anyone here have any idea? It would be great to have some guidance here.
Thanks guys!  :guitarplayer2:
You need to look for a diagram of a Tele wiring and use that for the blade switch section.

Though there is a wealth of documentation out there...e.g.



The coil splits are on the volume and tone, but can be easily put onto one of the pots if that is what is preferred.

Also check the link in my signature which will take you to a thread with lots of links to other threads containing useful information including on wiring including the sticky at the top of this subforum.

Guitar wiring links.....Beginners and advanced....

You can do a 3 way blade switch to split to the inner coils in the center position, it’s basically the John Petrucci wiring.
To my ear when you play a single coil from a hum bucker by itself it’s anemic. Useful sometimes.