Drilling Holes


What is the safest way to drill into my NEW finished Warmoth body.  I need to drill two holes fro bridge posts and one extra pot control hole.  I don't eant to crack or ruin the finish of the most BEAUTIFUL body. :guitarplayer2:
What the production guys do is drill through piece of blue painter's masking tape over the area to be drilled. They use a sharp brad drill bit with a fast spindle speed and slow downward speed. Then.....we pray.
same here ... just don't use the blue painter's tape on a Nitro finished body!

this is no problem if Warmoth did the finish job for you, as they don't finish in Nitro. but if you did the finish work yourself or had someone else finish it for you .... be careful of the blue tape until you know it's safe for the finish you're working on

and I should sadly note that I am not privvy to this warning by heresay. the rolls I had on-hand did not include a warning about the finish type it was being stuck to :( fortunately, the new rolls do

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The blue tape... any tape on nitro for more than a brief time can be real trouble!

I've been ok with drilling finished wood - nitro and poly (thick brittle poly too) with forstner bit.  These can be reduced in diameter a bit if need be, by precision grinding (I've made a jig that can do this with a dremel doing the grinding and drill press doing the turning of the bit).  But, most holes can be made ok with either an English or Metric pattern forstner bit.  The forstners will cut the EDGE of the hole first, cutting thru the finish, then bore deeper.  They tend to leave a slight "ring" around the bottom of the hole, showing that the edge was indeed bored first.  They're also piloted to some extent with a center point.

Regular drill bits are horrible at cutting the edge.

Another good wood cutter is our friend, "Mr End Mill".  And frankly, I'm damed surprised that Warmoth isnt using ground end mills to downcut into the wood after the fact, for control and bridge holes.  Again, easily ground to any diameter without too much fuss.  For those, its best to use a rotary indexer on a surface grinder though.  End mills of any size are a bit too much to grind on a home made jig/dremel/drillpress.
I'm damed surprised that Warmoth isnt using ground end mills to downcut into the wood after the fact,

I didn't mean to suggest that brad drill bits are our only method.