Doubled volume/tone pots. suggestions??


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does anybody know where i can find those pots that are both volume/tone combined? and has anybody had experience with them?
I'm planning a HxP90xH route tele, and would like controls for all of them. any suggestions?
They are called concentric pots, warmoth sells them

I'd like a concetric with a push/push switch, can't find one ( haven't really looked either)
i know some one makes them, i was looking at a j-retro preamp, it has 3 concentric pots, the bass/treble has a push pull feature that turns on the bright mode.  so track down who makes j-retro, and see who supplies them, or if they make it them selves.

its made by john east (e-pro) preamps

can't find the site alf, but im sure you could track it down, buy that i mean im to lazy.

and for you rightintheface just buy what warmoth's sellin

These both have concentric knobs all around, I love 'em - I'm real used to the classic four-knob Gibson wiring, where you (mostly) leave the pickup selector in the middle position and change the relative volumes and tones of the pickups - see "Page, J." and "Allman, D." for further references. If you can tap/parallel/series at least your bridge humbucker it's an added treat. I never heard of a push-pull concentric, gettin' pretty picky there.... What I want to know is what the heck THIS thing does:


Whatever it is, I want one....