Double-Neck Scale Length Predicament


Ok so preamble, I'm trying to build a Bass/Guitar double-neck using the Warmoth P/S body. My plan is to take a pair of Squier guitars and use them as donors for the necks and most of the hardware, and i already have the bass.

The problem is that the bass i found has a bound neck with block inlays and it seems the easiest to find guitars with matching necks are all Jaguars with 24" scale. The P/S body only comes formatted for the standard 25.5" scale so it seems like im at an impasse, but maybe someone here knows a trick i can pull to make a Jag neck fit or maybe someone knows of a compatible 25.5" guitar with the bound, block inlay neck that i should look out for?

Either way any help is appreciated!
The trick is to make sure the bridge is in the right location for whatever neck you pick.  It’ll be less frustrating if you order a neck to your specifications than scrounging around for a used guitar with a neck that might be right.
A 24" Jaguar neck will not intonate on the 25.5 scale with a standard bridge position.

To get a bound neck with block inlays 25.5 scale probably the best bet would be to have Warmoth make the neck.

Another point to bear in mind is that Squier hardware can vary so you need to be sure what bridge routs etc you order as they may not be a direct retrofit.