Does anyone make non-conventional bridges?

Cheery Zeery

Junior Member
Hi folks! Totally new here -- a transplant from the Youtube part of the Warmoth fandom.

I was watching Aaron's double neck video series, and saw that some of the folks here helped him machine a metal string tree for his twelve string neck, and I thought it was just the raddest thing.

I'm putting together a partscaster that takes after a P-bass. I have a neck and body coming in that basically replicate a '54, but the neck scale length and whatnot are 25.5. What that amounts to is basically:

1) A very big headstock
2) A rather big body
3) A 25.5" scale length neck

The pickup will be in the same spot too, which is to say, when the bridge is installed, that 'middle' pickup will be more like a bridge pickup by virtue of it not moving at all.

Now, the reason I've come here today is to basically ask if there's any way I can call on your help to create a P-bass bridge that can account for six holes with the standard Telecaster string spacing. I'm not 100% sure how to go about this or even draw this out, but I'm basically looking for something identical to a P-bass bridge in every way aside from this one change.

Happy to clarify where need be (because I've definitely been vague without meaning to before).