Dimarzio VV pickups


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Opinions?  I am interested in getting these for my alder warmoth strat.  Not sure which models - I play classic rock type stuff (and already have a HB equipped guitar) and I want something a little "strat-ier," but maybe a tad warmer.  And they need to be silent - true single coils are not an option.

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I've heard/played a guitar with the virtual vintage solo pro (standard strat) and it sounded great.  Really crisp and defined, with no hum.  Perfect single coil output.  I'd highly recommend it.
I have a friend that uses VV's, they always sound great.  He has some sort of custom wireing set up with a 1 meg pot and no tone controls. (not sure about the details but I'll ask) They are in my old American Std strat with a rosewood fretboard.  Really clean and glassy sounding. 

I've been looking into the Area 58 and 61 pu's.  They are the same design but wound a little different.

Anouther pu to check out is the Dimarzio HS-2.  That's Eric Johnsons bridge pu. 

I've used EMG sets before, both pre wired. (Dave Gilmore and SV)

I want no hum with no battery next time.
The '58/'61 set is a GREAT low output strat set.  That bluesy crunch in the neck, quack in two and four, then switch to the bridge while playing through a cranked AC30, its pure Brian May tonal ecstasy.