Dimarzio Tone Zone

i absolutely love it!!  i've got a j-custom with the tone zone in the bridge (standard setup) and i never have to worry about it being too bright, even high up the neck.  just don't take this the wrong way and mistake it for a mellow pickup either.  i've found that it's quite responsive to the tone control even in the bridge but wether you're playing clean, with a little bit of grind, or in a solo setting the notes sound very "open".  i'm sorry but that's the only way i can really say it.  that pickup seems to be somewhat middy *is that a word :-\ *  which i love for the clear, yet thich tone that it yields......

well, i hope you can at least find the answer to your question in the midst of my little rant.hahaha

Rico :headbang:
i had one for a while tried it i several guitars it has a strong mid range and not verry pronounced on the low end side good for soloing sounded best in a basswood body but all in all was a good pup  i might mention that i tune to e might sound even better  at e flat or in d
true.....the guitar i have it in is tuned a 1/2 step low....i guess i should also mention that it has a mahogany boey with a maple top and an edge pro trem, since it seems that these types of trems alter the tone of your guitar.
The Tone Zone in a Basswood body is a pretty even sounding pickup, with medium-hi output.  I had one in a Jackson Dinky about 12 years ago paired with a Paf-Pro & then eventually a Humbucker from Hell in the neck.  Either of these is an outstanding combination together.  The Mid spike in the TZ helps flatten out the tonal spectrum so you can use your amp to color your tone, & not your pickups.  This is usually my preference.  Splitting this pickup yields some nice results to, very responsive to your attack, wether you're playing trough a high gain amp, or a clean one.

My tastes have changed over the years, & that's probably the only reason I no longer use this pickup, but that does not diminish its quality.
I agree with Mr.Tony.....this pick up has a very "voiced"mid range,works for some and not for others...I'm still a Quensryche fan to this day....yep should have grown up but didn't.
Preffer OBL's or EMGS these days...nice trick with OBLS on the 4 conductor....attach the green wire to the spare tag on your tone control...up to 8 on your tone control is humbucking above 8 gradually coil taps till 10 when you get full coil tap.
QR is still my favorite band 25 years later, & if you're looking for that kind of tone in a Basswood body, this pickup will accomplish that fine, especially if you have a hi-gain amp.

I used it with my old ADA rig back when I was endorsed by them, & when we were gigging around the S.F. bay area & the rest of northern California, we always used to get these QR comparitive reviews.

Fortunately, just for artistic reasons, I've moved beyond emulating QR, but the main reason I point them out in this thread is that the TZ is a great pickup for a variety of settings in a variety of styles, but it shines most in achieving that classic hi-gain crunch tone, with a lot more dynamics & character added.
Thanks but I don't need one right now. I have one in my Ibanez S540, wish it was the zebra instead of the black though.