Dimarzio pickups selection for RG-370DX


Hi all,

I have a 2006-Indonesia RG-370DX. I am planning to replace the stock inf pickups with the
DiMarzio Mo' Joe Humbucker for the bridge, and PAF Joe or the original PAF Pro for the neck.

Question is for the bridge pickup should i use f-spaced or regular spacing?? How can i specify which one to use?

Do you have a recommendation for the middle positioned single coil (or for the others), as i want to play some blues?

Ive got an RG370DX too.  :icon_thumright:  I would keep the stock single coil as it sounds pretty nice clean. or at least until you have a chance to compare it to satch's pickups.
Thanks for the answers, my single coil is a little bit noisy, thats why i am thinking of changing it.
This will be a kind of experiment for me, i will try a single coil dimarzio instead of it, may be a strat like or the chopper..