Dimarzio pickups for a modified tele


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I just mostly have a question of my pickups choices balancing out with each other. I'm going to be building a telecaster (birdseye maple neck/fretboard and alder body). I currently have these pickups in mind for it: Virtual Hot T (tele, bridge), Virtual Vintage Blues (strat, middle), and Air Norton (humbucker, neck). My question is: has anyone ever tried any combination of these and did they even out in output or was one too powerful to work with the others? I was also thinking Humbucker from hell in the neck, but I want the classic chrome pickup cover look and I don't know how it would fare with a cover. Thanks for any help anyone can give.


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As another option maybe try the very beefy sounding Rio Grande Dirty Harry for tele. Keeps the original looks to. Check out my flame maple tele build in the tele section.