Dimarzio Area 58 and 61


Hey everybody. Im new to posting on here. I have been hangin around the site for almost a year now just dreamin about the day i can get my own warmoth. But right now i play a MIM standard strat. I just ordered a Dimarzio Area 58 and an Area 61 to put in that strat. My problem is i can't decide on which one to put in the neck and which one to put in the mid. The 58 is suposed to be slightly brighter and a little less bass than the 61. I already have a pro track in the bridge. My plan when i ordered it was to put the 58 in the neck, 61 mid, and leave the pro track in the bridge. I thought that since the strings get bighter as you get closer to the bridge that i would put the one with the least bass in the neck and work my way down to the one with the most bass in the bridge. Im tryin to only have to wire it once so i wanted to see what other people would think.  :icon_scratch: I love the SRV sound and that classic strat tone in the neck in mid. I would love to hear what anybody else thinks.  :help:

Sorry i think i didn't explain it very good. I have a pro track for the bridge. Im tryin to decide on wheather to put the 58 in the neck or the 61 in the neck and then put whick ever one is not in the neck in the middle. I have one of each on the way